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Corte di Appello di Napoli

The Naples Court of Appeal has regected the demand of coercion of the mother that refused to vaccinate her daugther, complaining about secondary effects. Naples 13-04-2011. Text in Italian


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The patients rights Court and the associations of chronic patients

The note of the patients rights Court and the associations of chronic patients left the 30th of April during the XII Italian Senate Commission audition for the regulation of Non Conventional Medicines.
The annexed document is in Italian


On the 5th of February, the XII Commission Hygiene and Health of the Italian Senate, at the presence of its President Sen. Tomassini, its vice-President Sen. Bosone, have heard some important Italian Schools of Homeopathic Medicine: SIMOH, Scuola Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica Hahnemanniana, IRMSO, Istituto di Ricerca Medico-Scientifica Omeopatica representing at the same time the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, and LUIMO.


Since 1988, date in which for the first time LUIMO together with the Radical Party presented a proposition law to recognize Homeopathic Medicine, discussions and law proposals to recognize Non Conventional Medicines (NCM) have became a leitmotif of any new election, with discussions sometime animated, sometime desperate. This new legislation it is not an exception.

Italian Republic Senate

Annexed you will find the law proposal n. 10 concerning " Instructions concerning the informed consent and the anticipated wills declaration in health treatments to avoid therapeutic obstinacy, and concerning palliative cures and pain care". Text in Italian.
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Veterinarian medicines code

Of interest : CHAPTER 2. Particular provisions applicable to homeopathic veterinary medicinal products. Art. 16-20

Download this file (dir_2001_82_en_vet.pdf)dir_2001_82_en_vet.pdf[ ]399 kB

Homeopathic remedies - Communitarian Code

The European law on medicines contains also indications concerning the homeopathic remedies for humans.

of interest: CHAPTER 2 :
medicinal products. Articles 13-16 . Specific provisions applicable to homeopathic medicines

Download this file (human_code.pdf)human_code.pdf[ ]226 kB