L.U.I.M.O.’s aim is unifying the teaching of Homeopathic Medicine, through the confrontation of the major homeopathic world experts.
It might not be a case that L.U.I.M.O. was born in Naples. Homeopathy was introduced in Naples about the 1820-s, when the Austrian army came to help the Bourbons against the Republicans. Dr. Frederic Foster Quinn introduced homeopathy in England and the Count Sebastiano de Guidi, a renowned neapolitan scientist, in France in Lyon. Homeopathy spread from England to India and USA. From that time, homeopathy has been gaining a hold all over the world thanks to its therapeutic success. To improve the success of Homeopathic Medicine, and to create the physicians of the Future, it is however essential to give the best teaching of this discipline. The integral way of teaching of Homeopathic Medicine applied by L.U.I.M.O. teachers includes didactic experience together with research and clinical experience. Today the confrontation with the orthodox medicine is essential. This confrontation must be an interdisciplinary “agora” where a synthetic view of men in their entirety is opposed to the analitic mechanistic view, that characterizes conventional medicine. What up to a few years ago could be defined a non-dialogue is now an interaction between different realities able to understand each other. This is the reason why L.U.I.M.O. has systematically promoted international meetings with the participation of conventional Universities and the creation of a scientific committee with didactic and research aims.
L.U.I.M.O. works for the homeopathic scientific knowledge on Homeopathy through the promotion of Congresses and Forums.

The founders

Prof. Antonio Negro
Founder in 1948 in Roma of A.I.M.O.H.
Accademia Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica Hahnemanniana - Italy

Dott. Tommaso Paschero
Founder of the Escuela Homeopatica Argentina - Argentina

Dott. Proceso Sanchez Ortega
Founder of the "Homeopatia de Mexico" school - Mexico

Dott.ssa Adele Alma Rodriguez
Founder of CE.M.O.N.
Centro di Medicina Omeopatica Napoletano - Italy