How it is organised

In forty years of teaching and medical activity, LUIMO has been and is a witness to the profound ethical and scientific truth of the clinical-medical vision developed by Samuel Hahnemann, in the understanding of man as a unique and unrepeatable human person, an admirable unitary synthesis of spirit, mind and body.
The evolutionary teaching of LUIMO is a teaching system of Homeopathic Medicine that offers a course built on progressive levels of learning where preparation is provided based on the gradual and methodical acquisition of the principles of Homeopathic Medicine. The LUIMO course of studies for learning Medicine
Homeopathic Hahnemannian lasts three years.
At the end of the first year of the course, all healthcare professionals (biologists, physiotherapists, midwives, nurses, psychologists) will be able to obtain a Certificate of Useful Attendance at the Basic Introductory Course in Homeopathy Medicine after having produced an essay on the topics covered.
Doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and students in good standing with the established minimum attendance (83%) and with the presentation of the agreed works will access the second year of the course.
At the end of the three-year period, after having taken an exam and written an essay, the certificate of useful attendance at the LUIMO Three-Year Course in Homeopathic Medicine is issued which allows registration with the Medical Association of Naples or other Provincial Orders, in the appropriate Registers of Experts in Homeopathy.
Only those who have attended at least 83% of the entire course will access the exams. During the academic year, compatibly with Covid regulations, Clinical Seminars will be held on site by teachers and can also be viewed online by those who cannot come in person. For these seminars, in which only doctors-surgeons registered in the provincial registers, even if not enrolled in the curricular course, can participate, ECM credits will be required.

Structure and organization of the LUIMO course

The course of studies for learning Hahnemannian Homeopathic Medicine, in accordance with the art. 4 of the legislative decree of 28 August 1997, n. 281, between the Government, Regions and Autonomous Provinces, with revision in 2013, has a three-year duration for a total of 400 hours of theoretical lessons to which are added 100 hours of clinical practice, of which at least 50% of practical training supervised by an expert doctor of the discipline in question.

Who may attend the courses

The course is reserved to graduates in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Veterinary and Pharmacy, to students who attend the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and are in order with the fourth year exams, and, as listeners, to graduates in Biology, Psychology and to any statutorily registered health care professional.

It is possible to join any didactic module independently, through the level of knowledge of Homeopathic Medicine, on entrance test.

At the end of the first and of the last year an exam session is expected. At the end of the course, students should write a thesis regarding the biopathographic clinical protocol.

What you study, how you study

I year of course:
Module 1: during the first module the program will address the history and philosophy of Medicine, life and works of Samuel Hahnemann, birth and development of Homeopathic Medicine and its principles. The student will be led to knowledge of the fundamental principles of Homeopathic Medicine through the study of its fundamental text: the ORGANON:

  2. VIS VITALIS or Vital Force
  3. MIASMS (hints)

Module 2: the topics covered during the first module will be explored in depth and elements of medical epistemology and methodology of science will be addressed, pure experimentation, acute and chronic diseases, how to deal with acute cases, study of the Materia Medica and differential diagnosis between remedies, concept of Similarity from the origins to the time of Hahnemann, vitalist scientific medical thought, scientific method in homeopathy, Homeopathic Medicine as medicine for the human person, concepts of Health - Illness - Healing, aspects of medical ethics and forensic medicine: informed consent. The experimental methodology (pure experimentation) is introduced which is the basis of the central notion of Homeopathic Medicine, i.e. the LAW of SIMILARITY. The study of Materia Medica (PHARMACOGNOSY) and PHARMACOPRAXY begins. In the second part of the first year, these theoretical lessons are accompanied by practical lessons regarding pure experimentation, the analysis of the patient in acute and seasonal illnesses (and the study of remedies suitable for their treatment), with themed seminars.

Two-year training period: during the second and third year of the course, the principles of Homeopathic Medicine and the study of ORGANON are explored in depth, the concepts of Miasma and Constitution are introduced. The doctor-patient relationship is systematically studied through the classroom analysis of clinical cases, both as clinical reports and live interrogations. The use of the LUIMO clinical-biopathographic protocol is introduced to trace the clinical history of patients and as a demonstration and verification tool for the doctor's clinical activity. The problems inherent to the chronic disease and the correlation with the constitution (deep psora) are addressed theoretically and through the analysis of clinical cases. The study of the Repertoire and its application in the analysis of individual clinical cases are introduced. Finally, the study of the most important remedies of the homeopathic Materia Medica (about one hundred) and the differential analysis between the various remedies continues.

During the advanced sessions (third year), clinical cases are frequently analyzed both as reports and in the presence of patients, to compare the learner to the daily practice of the homeopath (diagnosis and prognosis). At the end of the course the students must be able to deal with a chronic case in its follow up, the use of doses in relation to the state of the patient, the choice of dilution and its possible repetition, learning to evaluate the responses after the first administration of the prescribed homeopathic remedy and/or subsequent administration. Considerable attention will be paid to the various phases of the life of the human being, from pregnancy to the newborn, to the developmental phases of the child, adolescence, maturity, menopause and to all the pathophysiological dynamics during the entire course of existence up to old age.

Who signs up

Module 1 of the first year is open to all graduates in the healthcare area;
Module 2 and the following two years are reserved for doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and students enrolled in these Faculties who are up to date with their fourth year exams. Doctors coming from other Homeopathic Medicine courses can participate in LUIMO courses after consulting the school's teaching secretariat.


Cost of the first year of the course:

Module 1 €200.00 + VAT
Module 2 €600.00 + VAT

LUIMO has established two scholarships named in memory of Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez which will be awarded to a general practitioner and a general practitioner pediatrician in service.

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