How it is organised

The rising necessity to develop a system of teaching of Homeopathic Medicine has driven L.U.I.M.O. to propose a teaching course of progressive level organized in modules. These modules are extremely concentrated in time and allow students to organize their own study precisely, avoiding to lose time uselessly.

The course in pure Hahnemannian Homeopathic Medicine takes three years.
The great advantage of this course is allowing practice of Homeopathic Medicine in an extremely brief time. The capacity to diagnose and prescribe homeopathic remedies for acute and seasonal diseases is expected at the conclusion of the first year (level 1). It is necessary to attend the entire course in order to face chronic cases and be able to diagnose remedy (level 2).

Each year is organized as follows:

· 2 modules of 50 hours each;
· a experimental and clinical compact course of 72 hours;
· 1 weekend of pure experimentation;
· two interdisciplinary seminars.

Who may attend the courses

The course is reserved to graduates in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Veterinary and Pharmacy, to students who attend the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and are in order with the fourth year exams, and, as listeners, to graduates in Biology, Psychology and to any statutorily registered health care professional.

It is possible to join any didactic module independently, through the level of knowledge of Homeopathic Medicine, on entrance test.

At the end of the first and of the last year an exam session is expected. At the end of the course, students should write a thesis regarding the biopathographic clinical protocol.


L.U.I.M.O. didactic activities are object to credit request in the system of credits ECM of the Ministry of Health. The number of credits is communicated at every single event.

What you do study, how you do study

I year – level I

Level I starts to the knowledge of the main principles of Homeopathic Medicine through the study of its main test: the ORGANON. Experimental methodology (pure experimentation) which is at the basis of the central notion of Homeopathic Medicine – the Law of SIMILA, is introduced. Practical lessons regarding the observation of patients, the states of acute and seasonal diseases and the study of remedies similar to the states of diseases are added to the theoretical lessons.

II and III year – level II

Level II goes over and over the principles of Homeopathic Medicine again, deepens the study of the ORGANON and introduces the concepts of Miasma and constitution. The relationship physician – patient is systematically analized through the observation of clinical cases in class, both as clinical reports and as direct examination. In order to trace out the patients' clinical story, the use of LUIMO's clinical biopatographic protocol is introduced. Problems regarding chronic diseases and the correlation to the constitution (deep psora) are faced theoretically and through the analises of clinical cases. The ways of repertorization of clinical cases are introduced. Finally, some of the most important remedies of the homeopathic Materia Medica (policrests), the method of study of pure medical materia, the use of doses according to the state of the sick person and their duration, are studied.

The modules

Each module is composed of 5 monthly sessions. These modules give the theoretical and methodological framework of the clinical practice and the pure experimentation. During these modules are illustrated the bases of the Homeopathic medicine: its principles, pure experimentation, the Materia Medica. During the advanced sessions (II-III year) many clinical cases are presented both cases reports and direct patient consultation, with the aim to face the student to the daily homeopathic clinical practice.

The Experimental and clinical compact stage

It consists of theoretical lessons, examinations of clinical cases and the possibility to have individual experience of pure experimentation and fasting medicine. The higher stage sums up the clinic and the homeopathic Materia Medica in a practical way, allows a direct confrontation with the patient through analyses of clinical cases in class and examines the difficult, irresolvable or incurable cases thoroughly. It is organised in 3 sessions of 3 days in April, September and November.
At the end of the stage there will be an evaluating test and it will be issued a certificate of frequency, as well as the ECM credits when present.
Frequency is reserved to those who have already attended other homeopathic courses on entrance test and curriculum evaluation.
The number of places is limited.

The pure experimentation week-ends

During the academic year, participants at the study modules should take part in 1 weekend of pure experimentation. The pure experimentation is the experimental method of Homeopathic Medicine. During these stages, generally organized in localities suitable for rest, meditation and conversation, there will also be a phase of self-observation and experimentation. Pure experimentation is performed in double blind or in check-up groups. During these days (Friday - Sunday morning) there will be discussions over the different modalities of remedies' experimentation, the concepts of idiosyncrasy, the individual reactivity and the approach to the clinical trial in medicine. Experimentation weekends are the ideal occasion to discuss with professors and colleagues out of the prefixed schemes and the limited time-tables, consolidating human and professional relationships.
Admission is reserved to those who have enrolled to one of the modules or have already attended other homeopathic courses on entrance test and curriculum evaluation.

Interdisciplinary seminars

Two upgrading and deepening seminars are annually kept. Attendance to the seminars is obligatory for the students of the triennial course. Seminars are open to the public. At the end of the seminars certificates of participation will be issued.

Structure of the three years course
Each Academic year consists of:
Module I: 50 hrs from January to May. 5 monthly sessions
Module II: 50 hrs from May to December, 5 monthly sessions
1 Experimental and clinical compact stage: 3x3 days for a total of 72 hours. April, September and November.
1 Pure experimentation Week-end
2 Interdisciplinary seminars
Its is possible to follow independently each module, Seminar, Week-end or Stage, in function of the degree of Homeopathic Medicine knowledge. An entry test is required.
Language: the language is Italian. It is possible to provide English translation if 10 subscriptions are provided.

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