The story of L.U.I.M.O.'s foundation dates back to 1954 when Prof. Antonio Negro founded, in Rome, the Italian Academy of Homeopathic Medicine (Accademia Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica - A.I.M.O.H.) with the aim of promoting the knowledge on homeopathy. In 1970, in Naples, Prof. Antonio Negro and Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez founded the Ce.M.O.N. - Centro di Medicina Omeopatica "Tommaso Cigliano" - with the specific aim of teaching and propagating Pure Homeopathic Medicine. The first Academic year dates back to November 1970. Many representatives of Medicine, Culture, Church and Politics took part at the inauguration. The first course numbered 70 participants, among medical doctors and students of medicine.

A parallel 3 year course was given in Rome. The Center started a hard penetration work not only in Naples but also in other Italian cities. Moreover it got linked to similar centers all over the world, with the aim of revisiting and systematizing didactics in Homeopathy. Physicians from throughout the world came in Naples and Rome. Years of hard work followed.
In order to comply with the Center objectives, many problems had to be resolved. The Center had to work on several aspects related to Homeopathy: teaching organization had to be followed by organization of a space for clinical experiences, and last, but not least, remedies provision which was very difficult at that time.

To provide support to teaching, the Center started to translate and print books and documents: at that time just few physicians had reference documents. Moreover the clinical experience exchange was quite rare and documentation on medical acts even more. The Center then created the first clinical file to lead physicians to standardize and discuss their results.
It is necessary to mention also the need for remedies that were so difficult to find. At that time all remedies came from IMO in Milan; IMO had low dose remedies produced following the French Pharmacopoeia. Therefore the Center had to look for a laboratory more correspondent, in terms of quality guarentee to the experimental-clinical Hahnemannian methodology.

The choice was on the belgian UNDA laboratory, which, after close analysis and control of the preparation procedure – according to "German Pharmacopoeia" - appeared to guarantee security for the whole range of ultramolecular doses.
It becomes clearer and clearer for the homeopaths of all the world that the primary interest for the life of Homeopathic Medicine is to have its own qualified field of instruction. In 1971, during the Congress of Liga Medicorum Homoeopatica Internationalis (L.M.H.I) in Buenos Aires, this requirement was pointed out from many of the participants. It is considered essential to bring together the action of the most important homeopathic schools for the constitution of a Free International University. Six years after its theorical constitution, the 23 September 1977, the Free International University of Homeopathic Medicine "Samuel Hahnemann" – L.U.I.M.O. was officially born in Naples.

L.U.I.M.O. absorbs both A.I.M.O.H. and Ce.M.O.N. in one school. These two schools are joined by the Argentine and the Mexican one. Naples is the center of this serious and future-projected work; it is the city historically destined to receive this innovating instruction of medicine having been the first city in Europe to welcome homeopathy. Naples has become, thanks to L.U.I.M.O., the international crossroad of homeopathic medicine, a reference point for learning and confronting clinical and didactic experiences.

Today L.U.I.M.O. represents the evolutionary synthesis of a 45 year-old teaching experience and its activity goes on with greater and greater engagement and results, in a context certainly more favorable to accept the homeopathic experience.
With its 20 professors, one of the richiest book, video and tape libraries of homeopathy, it provides didactic instruments of the highest quality to everyone who intends to study Homeopathic Medicine.



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